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Bereavement Support

Losing A Loved One

The Muslim Bereavement Support Service (MBSS) exists to help Muslim families across the country cope with the loss of a loved one.


The death of a close relative or close friend is a very difficult experience and the period of grief can leave you feeling empty and alone. Grief is a very personal process and can take many months or years to come to terms with. In the immediate aftermath of the death you may feel any number of emotions. Some of these are shock, pain, anger, guilt, longing, depression and denial.

These emotions are completely normal. Grieving is a normal process and you should not feel guilty for feeling any or all of the above. Download the MBSS leaflet on Losing A Loved One here.

Losing A Child

It is difficult to cope with losing an adult member of the family, but so much harder if the bereavement involves a child. MBSS has produced a separate leaflet about coping with the loss of a child which you can download here

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