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Planning Ahead

Peace of mind

There are many benefits to pre-planning funeral and burial expenses, but there is none greater than the peace of mind you will receive knowing that that everything is documented on paper in a signed contract and that your family will not have to worry about making decisions during their time of grief. This is the most common feeling people report after pre-purchasing burial plots, a feeling of peace and comfort.

Pay less now or pay more later

The benefits will go beyond your own peace of mind as well. Having a Funeral Plan can protect you and your loved ones in the future against unexpected costs and uncertainty about your final wishes. Prices are rising at an average of 6% per year in the West Midlands and by pre-planning you pay today’s price, saving you from annual yearly price rises.

Togetherness of the family

The practical benefits pre-purchasing is being able to ensure all family members can be buried in one location for generations to come. Having the whole family buried together for generations to come is a huge benefit. It allows for generations of loved ones to be visited at once and encourages regular visits.

The right beginning and ending and avoid the burial space crisis

By planning ahead, you can also ensure that the janaza which needs to happen as soon as possible in accordance with Shariah can take place and the availability of a plot is not left to chance. Especially when we know that most local authority cemeteries in the West Midlands are already almost full and do not offer the option of pre-purchase to allow for you to plan ahead.

As well as being competitively priced compared to any other facility in the West Midlands, we offer some unique benefits that others do not:

  • There are no ‘boundary fees’, which means you avoid paying much higher prices simply because you do not live on the doorstep of the cemetery. Some cemeteries charge more than double the normal price to those they regard as ‘outsiders’. We want to serve the Muslim community across the West Midlands and your postcode will make no difference to the prices you pay when you deal with us.
  • Our Right to Bury lasts for 99 years, at least double the length of time offered by most other cemeteries
  • As well as locking in today’s prices you can spread the cost of your burial plots across 12 interest free payments using our direct debit facility (please note this only applies to rights to bury purchased in advance of need. Any funerals must be fully paid for ahead of the services).

With prices starting at £2495 now is the time to ensure you take care of your family’s future by reserving plots for each generation today. This a simple and easy process and will prevent the unnecessary stress and burden for family members in their time of grief. Please see our full price list here.